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This guide to sports betting on the internet should enable you to understand in a better way the online bookmaker and help you to choose your spots betting site.


I suggest to beginners to sports betting to have a look to the page begin with online sports betting, so that they could get used to this bookmaker world and understand which guide rail they will need to choose a bookmaker and bet in safety on matches or contests.

Black List

There is also a black list of bookmakers or sports betting sites to avoid because of safety, non-payments or simply swindling.

Sport betting types

On the page dedicated to sports betting types, you’ll find a description of the main type of sports betting offered by bookmakers as well as elementary rules to start betting on matches.

Indeed, all those types of betting (simple sports betting, combined betting, livebet, surebet etc, etc.) are not available with every bookmaker.


All the bookmakers presented in our bookmaker selection have been checked by the Paris sportifs et pronostics team:

*** Money deposits and withdrawals are encrypted in order to guarantee an optimal safety on sports betting sites.

*** These bookmakers have been selected for the quality and variety of their sports betting, the quality of their Customer Service Department, the registration bonus and the regular offers they offer.

*** Odds on sports betting offered by bookmakers.

*** Money deposits and withdrawals offered by bookmakers, notably virtual banks such as Paypal, Moneybookers or Neteller. Explanations and registration tutorials on those virtual banks are also offered so that you can pay fund into your bank account on sports betting site.

You will also find a rating of online casinos by registration bonus in order to make the most of the given bonus for the first money deposit on the sports betting site.


The Paris sportifs et pronostics staff wishes you to enjoy and … good luck for your scores and betting.

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