Some help and advice to bet on sports

What is a bet?

You should correctly predict the result of a port event or of a match.

If your forecast is correct, you win your bet and your bid is multiplied by the score and it will give you the amount of your winning. If your forecast is wrong, you lose your bid.

What is a score?

A score reflects the probability of an event to happen. If the scores are low, the event is more likely to happen. Thus, you can identify low scores as favourite result. On the contrary, a high score represents a riskier bet because less probable.

However, sport is also made of surprise…

In case you made a successful forecast, the score is the multiplier ratio.

Play with your money.

Bookmakers do not have a demo mode or a “without money” mode, you must pay funds into your account with your credit card or via a virtual bank.

A few pieces of advice for beginners.

Read carefully the bookmaker’s rule and especially paragraphs dealing with types of bets.

Do your first bets on a piece of paper and try to analyse the reasons or causes of your victories or shutouts.

Bet with your mind and not your heart or on a headbutt.

Try to become familiar with the different types of betting, simple bet, combined bet, P2P, combo, livebet etc… and try only when you ill have understand all the nuances.

Specialize in certain sports, with time you will be better in analysing matches and teams.

Favour bets with only two possibilities (1 or 2) rather than three possibilities (1N or 2).

Make the most of bonuses of bet sites as you play with bookmakers’ money!

Try different but trusted bookmakers and then, with experience you will favour two or three and stick to them.

Banish betting system, methods of a “professional” bettor flourish on the web and are rip off, betting system in sports bet does not exist.

Consider every result to be random and that one of the best thing in sport is surprise, in that way, try to avoid big bet on a single match even with a minimal score.

ANALYSE your results, you will realise that your errors are often coming from the same mistake (bet with your heart, combined and so on and so forth).

Avoid combined bet with three or more matches. Etc, etc…

Pieces of advice to hardened bettors:

Never forget pieces of advice for beginners above.

Last piece of advice:

Bookmakers would not exist if they did not win money… so keep this in mind… to be in your right mind.

Different types of betting are dealt with on the page dedicated to… the types of sport betting, amazing, isn’t it?

Informations on the scores:

Let’s be more precise about scores: when you register, you will be asked what sort of score you prefer. Choose the European or decimal score.

The difference between decimal, divided and American score:

When you are using decimal (or European) score, multiply your bet by the score and you know what your total winnings will be if you win the bet. To calculate your net amount of winnings, you must subtract your bet from the total winnings.

Divided scores work as follows: multiply your bet by the score and you’ll obtain you net winnings. Add the initial bet and you’ll obtain your total winnings.

American scores consider a bet from the “100$ perspective”; a minus sign before the number indicates you which bet you should place to win 100$, on the contrary, a plus sign indicates you what your winnings will be if you place a 100$ bet.

Why are scores changing?

As the probability of an event varies because of changing circumstances, the bookmaker may alter scores from time to time. All your bet will be ended with score valid at the very moment of the bet and of the betting confirmation.

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