Virtual Banks:

Paypal, Moneybookers and Neteller

What are these banks made for?

Virtual bank accounts on the internet enable you to make money deposits for the bookmakers and to transfer the money you made with sports betting to these same accounts.

All bookmakers use payment by cheque or transfer, but if you’re interested in sports betting or online casinos, you may make your deposits and withdrawals through those virtual banks. This is a quick and easy solution, very simple to use and it sometimes give you important discount when you register on sports betting sites.

Virtual banks principles: the e-currencies

Virtual banks, also called e-currency, enable you to transfer money in a few seconds from your bank account to these banks and vice-versa. Transfer expenses from one account to another are most of the time negligible. It is free to open a virtual account.

Often, you can use only one e-currency as many sites sometimes work with some and not others.

With the three e-currencies presented her, you may deal with 100% of sports betting sites.

Registration is free and only takes you few minutes online with an e-mail address. You may transfer the money you keep on those virtual accounts to your bank account very easily or use it on trading websites to buy products or services.

Paypal: only useful for Bwin but not essential.

Paypal is not really an e-currency but rather an international means of payment accepted in more than 50 countries but it is the less used on those online sports betting sites.

Paypal belongs to Ebay. 90% of commercial websites offer Paypal as a means to pay your purchases but Betandwin is the only bookmaker to use it, he also accepts Moneybooker and Netseller. You may create a Paypal account in a few minutes with only an e-mail address, the site is in French. You can create three different kinds of accounts: a personal account, a premier account or a business account. Register for a personal account, it will be enough for the moment.

Personal accounts fees:

Free account opening as it is for every e-currencies.

*free transfer from a Paypal account to another Paypal account

*to request money from your Paypal account to your bank account and vice-versa, you will have to pay 1€ to transfer money if your withdrawal/deposit is lower than 100€ and free over 100€.

Registration is free.

Moneybookers: if there is one to remember, that’s this one.

Moneybookers is similar to paypal. It is also a French site and the fees are slightly the same. This online bank is more used than Paypal by bookmakers for money withdrawals and deposits.

Free account opening as it is for every e-currencies.

Transfer from a Moneybookers account to another Moneybookers account is free of charges when you receive money and 0.50€ when you send money.

To request money from your Moneybookers account to your bank account you will have to pay 1.80€ and it will costs you 0.50€ to transfer money from your bank account to your Moneybookers account.

Registration is fast, in French and takes you only 2 minutes.

Neteller: complementary to Moneybookers.

Registration is more tedious and is in several steps (fast registration on the site but then, several checks will be made: you must send a copy of a proof on domicile, ID and that is only after that that the account is activated).

Those “draconian” measures are due to the fact that Neteller is the online casinos favourite virtual bank and the American government has created those controls as it feared money embezzlement … amazing, isn’t it?

The main advantage of Neteller is that you are given an ATM international withdrawal card for free. You can thus withdraw money from any automatic teller machine. The cost of a card withdrawal is 3€.

Click on this link, put your e-mail address and … follow the instructions!

Paris Sportifs and Pronostic’s point of view:

Moneybooker because it is today accepted by all bookmakers and with some bookmakers, using it enables you to pay less withdrawal and deposits fees.

It is very simple to use and the costs are ridiculously low (0.50€ and 1.80€), it is our privileged means of payment.

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