The winning sport bet: :the surebet

The sure bet is the sports betting that makes you win at each bet in the bookmakers .

You need to have more than account in bookmakers because you play with all!!

Surebet Explanations:

To play a surebet, you need at least two accounts in a bookmaker with enough liquid assets on each of them.

When the odds shown on different sports betting websites vary significantly for the same event, you can make a certain profit whatever the result of the event may be.


Simply by betting on all the possible results when the sum of the inverse of odds is strictly inferior to 1.

1/Odds A + 1/ Odds B +…. + 1/ Odds n < 1

The rule is quite simple but the difficulty is to find surebets.

You will find on the forum an example that will help you to better understand as well as a place to share the surebets that the Paris Sportifs et Pronostics community has found.

A few tips for sure bet (also called arbitrage):

**You must be very quick when you find a surebet because bookmakers adjust very quickly their odds.

**You also have website that alert you via email when they discover a surebet, generally you must pay for those services.

”Oddstandbets” offers you a free 3 days test.

**Earnings are proportional to the sum you have invested, so you need to have big liquid assets in bookmakers to which you are registered.

**Read carefully your bookmaker’s conditions (maximum bet for instance, special conditions to such and such sport …).

Indeed, in case there is an important odd difference, the bookmaker may suppress the bet … and you money may also be lost.

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