Types of sports betting

Books and sport betting types

There are multiple types of sports betting and the distribution of earnings may vary between bookmakers. Read carefully their rules before starting.

You sill find here some definitions of general types of bet, that you will have to check on your favourite online betting site.

Types of bet:

A simple bet

The easiest type of bet, you must correctly forecast the result of the match to win your bet. Your earnings are equal to your bet multiplied by the score.

E.g.: you bet 10e on Manchester United winner. The odd is 2.75. If Manchester wins your earnings are 10 x 2.75 (winning score) = 27.5€. Net earnings 17.5 € (27.5-10).

A combination bet

Combination bet are a type of interrelated bet where selections rely on each other to be correct to return something. The odds of individual selections are multiplied together to create larger odds on multiple bets.

For your combination to be winning ALL the results making your combination must be winning. If one of your results is wrong this means that all your combination will be wrong.

E.g.: you bet 10e on the following combination: Manchester United wins (score 1.5), Bayern Munich wins (score 1.7), Real Madrid draws (score 3.5) and AC Milan wins (score 2.1). If ALL the results have been correctly predicted, your earnings are 10 x 1.5 x1.7 x 3.5 x é.1 = 187.43 €. Net earnings of 177.43€ (=187.43 – 10).

A “Combo refund” that you find at Gamebookers

Each time you’re making a combination bet a discount is made on your bet: in the end, you pay the bet less whereas your potential earnings remain the same.

E.g.: if you bet 100€ on a combo 5-uple with a 3.60 odd, the bookmaker will reduce only 97.5€ of your balance (i.e. the initial bet minus the 2.5% reduction) whereas your potential earnings remain the same: 360€. The value of the discount varies in function of the number of matches in the combination.

Automatic bet that you find at Gamebookers

Automatic bets (or system of bet) enable you to place combined bet containing all the possible combinations in the selections of your betting ticket. If you correctly forecast all the results of your selections, you will win all the combinations; if you correctly forecast only a part of the combinations, you will win those combinations. The type of system depends on the number of selections on your betting ticket.

Bankers that you find at Gamebookers

A banker is considered to be a bet with absolute certainty. When you choose such a bet as banker, only the combination bets containing this bet will be placed.

E.g.: you have selected 4 matches on your betting ticket. Without having a banker, you will be offered to place one standard combination bet, 6 doubles and 4 triples. When you select two matches as bankers, you will be asked to place a standard combination bet and only two triples. It is not possible to combine only bankers and as a consequence you are not offered a double.

A handicap

A handicap compensate for a perceived vast gulf in class between two teams.

E.g.: St Etienne (+1) v Monaco (-1)

* You bet St Etienne winning. The final score is 2-2. You win your bet because you add one goal (the handicap) to St Etienne.

* You bet Monaco winning. The final score is 3-2 for Monaco. You lose your bet because you remove one goal to Monaco.

* In case Monaco wins 1-0, you obtain a parity result between the two teams and your bet is paid back (“push”).

Live bet

Live bet is a real time betting, meaning that you can bet while the contest you have chosen is going on. Odds change accordingly to happenings in the event and you have the possibility to bet even 5 minutes before the end of the match. You will find this type of bet on Gamebooker or Unibet for instance.

Member to member bet or P2P

You become the bookmaker and you are the one who is fixing the core (that must be more advantageous than the one of the bookmaker for your bet to be interesting for other bettors).

You think that in the match Liverpool-Chelsea Chelsea is going to win, you offer a score for instance of 10€ at 1.5 (against 1.4 by the classical bookmaker) for Liverpool victory.

If Chelsea wins, you win the bet of the bettor who accepted your bet. However if Liverpool wins, the one who offered the score loses his “undertaking” (10 x1.5)-(10€) =5€. Undertaking = (bet x score)-bet.
Paris Sportifs and Pronostics point of view

There are other types of bet, goliaths, Heinz etc at Unibet.

You must read your bookmakers rule and be used to types of bet before starting.

Personally we are sparingly using the simple bet and combination bet without exceeding 3 combined matches.

It is very easy to understand at Betclick

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